What qualifications do I need to be a special education teacher?

To become a special education teacher, you typically need to have the following qualifications:

  • Certificate
  • Diploma
  • PG Diploma
  • Bachelor's degree: You'll need to earn a bachelor's degree in special education or a related field such as psychology, social work, or education.
  • Teaching certification: You'll need to earn state certification or licensure to teach in a public school, which usually requires completion of an approved teacher preparation program and passing state exams.
  • Special education certification: Many states require special education teachers to earn additional certification specifically in special education.
  • Field experience: Most teacher preparation programs require field experience, such as student teaching or a practicum, where you'll work with students with disabilities under the supervision of a certified special education teacher.
  • Continuing education: To maintain your certification, you'll need to complete continuing education courses and professional development to stay current with best practices and new research in the field of special education.

It's important to note that the exact qualifications and requirements for becoming a special education teacher may vary depending on the state or school district where you plan to work. It's a good idea to check with your state's department of education or the school district where you want to work to find out specific requirements.

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